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Entrance Permit E-Commerce Application

Please complete this form if you would like to submit and pay for your Entrance Permit Application.

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Please be advised that a service charge of 2.9% is applied by the service provider Bambora to cover processing costs for payments made using credit cards.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to expedite the approval process, applicants are required to stake-out their proposed entrance upon submission of this application so that staff can visually see the proposed entrance.

Please indicate the type of Entrance Permit that you are applying for
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(Approximate distance that approaching traffic is visible from the point of entrance to the Township Road)

Indicate which of the following will be affected:


It is understood that:

  • All works shall be constructed, altered, maintained or operated at the expense of the undersigned.
  • That work must not begin before a permit has been issued by the Township. 
  • Once the permit is issued, the works must start within SIX MONTHS of the date of issue or the permit is VOID.
  • The issue of a permit does not relieve the holder of the responsibility of complying with all relevant Municipal By-laws and/or NVCA requirements.

In consideration of any permit issued in respect of this application, we, the applicants for ourselves, our heirs, executors, successors and assigns hereby agree to observe, keep and perform and be subject to the regulations and conditions of the said permit, and to indemnify and save harmless the Township of Essa (represented by the Manager of Public Works or his/her designate) from and against all loss, cost, charges, damages, claims and demands whatsoever to which it may be put or which the Township of Essa suffers or sustains or for which the Townshipof Essa may be liable by reason of anything done or omitted to be done in the construction, maintenance, alteration or operation of the works authorized.

Personal information contained in this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), and will be used only for the purpose for which its collection was intended.  Questions about this collection should be directed to the FOI Coordinator at the Township of Essa.


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